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New system login and operational needs2019.01.15

Home→Members Area→Click “Forgot Password”→Enter the original E-mail saved by FB & G+→The system will automatically generate a new password and send it to your mailbox→Please log in according to the password provided by the system. It is recommended to change the password again by yourself.
Please also enter your mobile phone information in the member section, then you can use your mobile phone number or E-MAIL to log in.
**Remind you that for the new website, the old member orders cannot be inquired (before 2018.11.1), but the bonus points have been transferred and can still be inquired and used in the new member system. For inquiries about the old orders, please call us! Thank you for your support!
**The promotion area needs to you to log into a member. After logging in, press " select goods", the final discount price will be displayed, and then press the shopping cart to start the checkout.
**To put in birthday information in Personal Data, we want to give you a small gift, once you enter, the front-end system cannot be modified, you can only call or send us an email, and the information will be modified by our staff!
**If you want to cancel the "Consumer Purchase Notification", please go to the Member Area => select "Purchaser Display Settings", select and then close the page.

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