Return policy

In order to simplify and speed up the process of obtaining suitable products, MORR does not provide an exchange service, only "return" policy.
After picking up the products, if there are any unsuitable ones, please apply for return within the 7 day appreciation period via the online member area => order information!
When you apply for return, we will send you the return notice via backstage - you can use EMS to send the product back, however, the transportation fee has to be paid by your side. (if you buy 5 pieces, 1 piece is inappropriate/dislike, please just return the 1 piece that is not suitable.)
1. Please go to the official website, member area => order inquiry, select them to be returned order, please choose the detail of the return, and put down the reason!
2. Please go to the official website, re-order, select the style/size you want to exchange and complete the payment! After we receive the returned goods and confirm that the goods are in good state, we will return the money to your bank within 10-14 days.
3. Remind you that if the return caused the order’s pure commodity amount to be less than the free shipping standard, we will ask you to kindly make up the payment; if your order has met the gift event previously but is now below the event standard due to the return, you will also be asked to return the gift.  
What can't I return?
1. The 7 days appreciation period is over.
2. The product has traces of being used, any odor or artificial contamination, make-up powder, etc., please understand we will not accept these goods for return.  
3. The product has been cut, washed, modified, and processed. The product or accessories are lost or damaged.
4. The gift from event has not been returned.
Check the return progress:
1. You can go to the member area, order inquiry, and select the order you want to return. During the procedure, the status will be displayed.
2. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Internet after-sales service: If the product itself or the shipping process leads to defects in new products, the new product can be replaced within 7 days of arrival.
To repair goods will have maintenance charges and shipping fee.