Frequently asked questions

Q: Is there really no leakage in the raincoat?
A: Hello! Just make sure the magnetic button is closed and make sure the opening at the back does not fly all over because of the wind. Double-check on the above – the reversible raincoat will make you unstoppable even if there is wind and rain.

Q: Why can't your raincoats be put in the storage of cars for a long time? It's so troublesome! The raincoat is supposed to be put the car ~
A: Hello! It does seem that we are used to put the raincoat in the storage. But the raincoat that you bought from MORR is breathable and this special quality is possible because of the function of the fabric itself. To help the product last longer, we recommend you take care of it by storing it in the right places. 

Q: How long does the raincoat last??
A: Hello! The raincoat made of our functional fabrics will last about 2~3 years under normal circumstance with recommended care & storage! If you have more than 2 raincoats, wear it alternatively and you can extend its life!

Q: Can I repair the white film inside the raincoat?
A: Hello! The white glue inside the MORR raincoat is an important waterproof material, so if it breaks, it will leak.
It can't be repaired either because the dyed film + the water-repellent agent after dying our fabric is a professional process! It can't be repaired!!
Q: Why is it that the front-open raincoat will have water in front after riding a scooter for a long time?
A: Hello! This question is very professional! Anyone of the front-open raincoats on the market will encounter this problem; especially the fabric used is quite stiff, so when sitting on the scooter,  the human body is in an L-shaped sitting position, and the front piece will often encounter the water issue. If you have this situation, please put one foot down when stopping for the red rights~ let the water flow down!

Q: When I wear your raincoat, I feel that my body is quite cold and chilly? Is it leaking? Especially in summer?  
A: Hello! It is normal that you have this feeling (cold) ~ it is not leaking! Because MORR uses a breathable material, so when the water comes near, the inner white glue membrane blocks the water by soaking it. It is similar to the feeling that if you touch a plastic bag full of iced water, the plastic feels cold. If it does not break, it won’t leak – but it will feel cold and chilly, especially during summer.