Corporate responsibility

MORR keeps moving forward with the ideas of “operate with integrity” “innovative and service” “responsible supply chain” “eco-friendly production” and “beneficial to society”.
“operate with integrity” – integrity and honesty have been MORR’s most important core values – using reasonable price to directly benefit the consumers.

Innovation and service – ever since the establishment of MORR, we have been treating innovation and R&D as our core business,

Responsible supply chain – MORR strives to work towards the best in terms of quality, cost and eco-friendly directions, hopefully in the future MORR can help create a sustainable future.  

Green manufacture – MORR is dedicated to work on innovation, research and development to benefit the users. Starting from fabric sourcing to recycled materials production, MORR tries its best to help maintain sustainable earth.
“beneficial to society” – MORR once sponsored Nantou Tungpu Elementary School children raincoats. Help consumers solve problems from their points of view is one of MORR’s ultimate goals.